New Batteries VS Reconditioned Batteries

As you may know, every battery consists of individual charging cells. When one or more cells got damaged the whole battery gets affected. But when you replace or recondition that cell, the battery comes back to life. This is how reconditioned batteries work.

You’ll be surprised to know that new batteries are about 90% made from recycled old batteries. This is true because most of the time, companies recondition old batteries by replacing the damaged negative and positive plates. The refurbished battery has the same battery life as of new battery.

Here are some of the comparisons of new batteries vs reconditioned batteries.

FeaturesNew BatteriesReconditioned Batteries
Battery Life / Longevity2 – 5 Years2 – 5 Years
Cost$100 – $350$50 – $150
Good lookingYesNo (who cares)
Environment FriendlyNoYes

By using a reconditioned battery, you are actually contributing to the environment by avoiding hazardous materials dumping into it.

The cost of an old repaired battery is much much lower. Because refurbishing a battery requires some parts to be repaired instead of constructing it from scratch.

DIY Battery Reconditioning

It is also worth noting that you can also recondition a battery at your home with a little investment and tools. Check out our in-depth guide about how to recondition batteries.

Where to Buy Reconditioned Batteries

You can buy a refurbished battery from many places. There are even some businesses, that buy old batteries and then re-manufacture them into their brand batteries. You should get one from these types of battery re-manufacturers if possible. Because they may also give you some years of warranty.

Battery remanufacturers buy used batteries at low prices, then recycle their useful materials. They use these materials in making their brand batteries. At last, you get a purely reconstructed battery, that behaves like 100% new. The remanufactured battery has the same life span as a new one but at a low price. As they trust their method, they even give you a warranty for a few years.

Battery remanufacturers do not recharge, they rebuild old batteries.

If you want to start a battery remanufacturing business, there is a course you can learn from. It is a very simple guide to teach you a step-by-step process in video content that you can follow exactly. Click here for that course.

ez battery reconditioning course
ez battery reconditioning course

Where to Buy New Batteries?

While if you can not find any reconditioned battery or, better, remanufactured battery, you always have the option to buy a new one. New batteries are expensive than refurbished ones, but they are new in all aspects. Means, the body, the charging plates, the electrolytes, etc. all new.

While refurbished batteries have benefits, but a new battery will give you the peace of mind that it’ll fit nicely. Although, it is less economical.

There are some batteries, that you can not get a refurbished replacement for, like electronic gadgets batteries.

New batteries can be easily ordered from Amazon to get it at your door.

Why Reconditioning Batteries Necessary?

Batteries have chemicals that can be hazardous for the planet earth and its habitats. Besides the dumping problem, reconditioning old batteries also economical. It just requires a bunch of parts repairing instead of making every piece from scratch.

So, in short, you practically get a new battery for your old battery.

Battery Life Degradation Factors

The life of a battery depends mainly on these 5 factors. It is for all batteries, i.e. New Batteries vs Reconditioned Batteries.

  1. Temperature/weather
  2. Charging-discharging
  3. High power
  4. Depth of discharge
  5. and the average state of charge

Keep in mind, these are just some of the factors that mostly observed on batteries, and it is not precise measurements. The actual parameters will differ from battery to battery, and how they are designed and manufactured.

Battery Reconditioning Course

It is worth noting that there are some courses for non-technical (newbies) people about batteries reconditioning. It means that it is an easier task which everyone can handle.

If you are interested, you can get this course and learn at your home. But don’t forget to let us know your progress after watching.

EZ Battery Reconditioning explaining Video. Reconditioned batteries.
EZ Battery Reconditioning Video
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